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Here you can find all your questions and answers.

  • How do I place my order?
    You can place an order via this website. You can pay with iDEAL, PayPal or Credit card. You can also send a message on Instagram.
  • I don't have a standard size or I want something longer or shorter, what are the possibilities?"
    Is your size not listed or do you want something specifically adapted to one of our designs? Send an email from message on Instagram.
  • I want one of your designs in a different color, is that possible?"
    If you want a different color you can send us a message and we can always discuss the possibilities.
  • I already have a piece of clothing that I want to adjust, is that possible?"
    Yes, that is possible. For example: if you want us to make something shorter or tighter, you can send us an email or message on Instagram.
  • When will my handmade House of Useless product be ready?
    We always try to finish your product within 3 weeks.
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