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Dream garments made with love


Thank you for choosing to add a hand made piece of our House of Useless collection to your wardrobe, I hope you will enjoy it for many years!

My name is Yasmina and I am the founder & designer behind the slow fashion label House of Useless   pronounced: use less since 2018. 

With House of Useless we celebrate femininity and craftsmanship of clothing which we make in a fair and sustainable way through our unique design methods.


Although it might be better to say crafts-WOMAN-ship as we are a local brand that creates everything with a small team of talented women.


My mother was a seamstress and as a little girl I always watched her make clothes for my sister and me. She turned pieces of fabric into dresses and that was pure magic for me, which made me feel the same passion. When I lost my mother at 12 years old, I decided I wanted to make it my profession and started studying Fashion Design at the art academy in Utrecht. After a lot of hard work I can now live my dream of being a fashion designer with her own fashion brand. 


I really love how many women choose to own a House of Useless piece and I feel like women who express themselves and their unique styles through their clothing are the most stylish of all.


A few times a year we release a new piece of clothing or a collection of our own design. We have a lot of different ways of making our pieces, such as: working with deadstock fabrics, upcycling vintage pieces into gorgeous new designs and the use of sustainable certified fabrics. All these things make our whole brand quite sustainable.  

love, Yasmina

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